Moving Out? Here Are 7 Things That Helped In My Last Big Move

DIY tips that can aid you in the process

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1. Start ahead

First thing I did was start at least 2 weeks before my move out date. I made a small timeline of dates by when I needed to complete certain milestones: packing, cleaning, shipping. This made it easier to break work into smaller chunks and felt way more rewarding to be ahead of schedule. You also want to call the services you’ll use to move ahead of time to gather all the information required for moving and shop for the best offers around. You’re prone to spend more when you need things rush. In my case, I had to ship things via a freight carrier which requires lots of documentation, so calling ahead gave me time to prepare what was necessary.

2. Clean out

One thing that helped me get over the overwhelming feeling of “too much to do” and “where do I start?” was to simply empty all the drawers, closets and cabinets. This has 2 benefits. First, you start readying the place to leave it empty and turn it in. Second, it forces you to choose what do you really need to keep and what you can sell, donate or throw away. As a plus, if you’re anything like me, having things outside their place is a great motivator to store them in boxes faster just to hide them from plain sight.

3. Sell or Gift

Not knowing how to get rid of belongings that are still usable but you don’t need can be a burden. I didn’t want to simply throw them out. Luckily at my work, we have a Slack channel for selling, trading, and giving away things. Check if there is a similar group where you work. Another service that was helpful in selling things was Facebook Marketplace. If you feel charitable, a local GoodWill center can be a great way to give back and do away with what you don’t need.

4. Separate what you need from what you don’t

One important step is defining what you’ll keep with you when you leave the place and what gets packed and shipped to the new destination. In my case, I selected the clothes and gear I was keeping with me and everything else was packed for shipping (extra clothes, kitchen stuff, appliances, etc.). To make sure everything I was taking on the plane fit on my luggage and carry-on, I did a dry run packaging beforehand:

This clothes-storing technique is surprisingly effective, credit to my mother for teaching it to me. || Bon voyage, extra clothes!

5. Leverage your community’s facilities

If you live in an apartment complex or community with a clubhouse or common area, this can help you out big time in the transitory period when you’ve shipped your things but still haven’t moved. Many places have a fully equipped kitchen available to residents. I was able to ship all my kitchen gear and still cook my own food using the common area’s kitchen. This saved me money from eating outside and enabled me to keep eating the food I still had in my fridge (no need to throw away food!).

6. Packing made easy

Materials: Plastic bags, Newspaper

Optimizing space and reducing friction.

7. Boxing up

Materials: Heavy-Duty moving boxes, Heavy-Duty duct tape, Box cutter or blade

How to close and strengthen the corners of your boxes
Heavy load

Happy moving!

With that, I was able to move in an organized manner and with the satisfaction of achieving my moving goals. Moving is tedious and can be a lot of work but hopefully, these tips work out for you as they did for me and make the process less stressful.

Co-founder and CTO of Hecdemi / Hyperion. Computer Engineer and entrepreneur from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 Interested in combining tech, business, and product design.

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